The project Dream Twice (D.T.) was founded in 2008. The founder and the member of the project is Vadim Grin. Vadim previously took part in the projects “G.A.M” and “G. Fly” creating dance tracks and remixes.
But now Vadim’s tracks became less dancing, but rather a confusing set of strange sounds with pulsating rhythm. It was the beginning of new music, new ideas. In 2009 appeared the first album of Dream Twice "Listen to the dreams". The first application of himself was made in such musical styles as ambient and downtempo. In writing tracks Vadim actively uses records from his voice recorder. This approach allows him to create unique sounds and musical textures. Deep atmospheric sounds, glitch percussion, vocal selections and light melodic figures make the music of Dream Twice recognizable, enjoyable soundtrack to daily life


from Midnight Radio Compilation 36., released March 13, 2015



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