Subivk - Welcome to Earth

from by midnightradio compilation


He is fiercely passionate about Electronic Music, which has always been his passion, and this is what motivated him into the wonderful world of being a Dj
2005 he started working as a mobile Dj for private parties, beach parties, birthdays etc. In 2006 he played at Jeffrey's, Chennai. That was his debut performance. He has also played in venues such as Bling in Zuri Hotel (as an in-house Dj) in 2008, Zara's Tapas Bar in 2009, Shiro and lot other Places. He is also a certified Audio Engineer. He has worked with some of the well known artists when he was making his way to the world of Psytrance. He is a self thought musician and Dj. He never knew how to write music till he found out one day.
Production & Performance
He is a Digital Dj. His kind of party will definitely be Full of Energy. All His music is written using Ableton Live. He produce and perform music using Ableton. Everything He know and learn is out on the table, He don’t hide any secrets He mainly use freeware VST instruments and inbuilt Ableton effects. He don’t like to flood myself with too much choice when he is writing music, so he has a very limited amount of tools that he use. However, because of this, he know these tools inside out and can achieve the result he want very quickly.
His My live performance is usually a set of mixing all kinds of genres of psychedelic. When he perform, he has all the elements of his music at his control and can mix, layer, and manipulate the music real time, making each set unique and driven by the vibe of the dance floor.
He has Release 2 of his Debut singles with Psy- Dance-Global Records, Germany, in their album called World Connection.
Influences Two things really drive him to make music.

1. Minimalism: He love stripping audio down to the bare bones, specifically how the simplicity of sound can affect someone’s emotions and feelings, and bring people together in a mass state of communion. This isn’t to say he is not inspired by other things such as nature and other artists, but he get the most pleasure and wonderment taking things that grab his attention, breaking them down into their roots and seeing what he can find.
2.Natural Sounds: Nature, the noise of the city. Putting all the noises that the world has to offer into my music and thus putting his audiences into a state of trance. He treat music as a form of communication that completely overpowers that of any other kind of human interaction.
Music is his language.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 17., released May 9, 2014



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