Hello there....
(Club internationale is: Hugo (music) and Harry (vocals)....)
The main reason you hear hugo making music is quite simple: He believes (and experienced/experiences) that by making music and by beiing listened to he will receive an answer...., which is something he has experienced with close friends who also make music, and on the radio, etc... :o ... :) So, enjoy his music, and let him hear your response.
Hugo has had about 4 years of piano lessons, which he has mostly forgotten due to a medical treatment. Still, his unconscious is providing him with music which is kindof predicting the future, just as his dreams did when he was younger, or anyway you could very well say he makes music for when you are in a dreamstate.... Give it a try... Listening to his music on mp3player while almost asleep..... :) I remember listening to some music last year while in dreamstate when a 5 minute song seemed to be 10 or 15 minutes long. Interesting if you can extend time like that.... :)


from Midnight Radio Compilation 39., released April 24, 2015



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