I do not know where Southern City’s Lab scouts for its bands to release, but it looks like they found a great source of awesome indie rock. The newly released free single by a band with the name ‘intouch’ is of an extremely high quality; it has the perfect guitar riffs that sound nasty, raw and even secretly catchy! This in combination with the tones of a supportive keyboard and the strong vocal performance by the lead singer makes this a potential alternative indie hit that never was. It simply deserves to be heard as the combination of nu-indie rock sounds dramatically good and wouldn’t be looked down if it got squeezed between the established commercial bands of this genre. But with the extreme difference that this epic sounding rock track is donated to whoever wants to hear and collect fine free music. It sounds so established and adult in its execution of production that this might be a right assault to commercial rock music!
(c) yeahiknowitsucks


from Midnight Radio Compilation 28., released October 10, 2014



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