Percutindomundos - the Pope's moseño

from by midnightradio compilation


Percutindomundos is a collective of contemporary art in Brazil. Its creation has focused on the redefinition of cultural identities through soundscapes that refer to the influence of indigenous, European and African cultures mixed with urbanity and cosmopolitanism, the ancestry and the contemporary. His music is characterized by the harmony of sounds, minimalism, randomness and percussive melody. In his mix up the music creation research, literature, dance, visual arts and philosophy. Members: Marcio Barreto (composer and luthier), Celia Faustino, Robson Peres, Fernando Ramos, Erik Morais, Guilherme Meduza and Manolo Pio.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 51, released October 23, 2015



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