Me El​-​Ma Art - The Light at the edge of the Though

from by midnightradio compilation


Me El-Ma was the 16 years old drummer of the young israeli progressive rock band "Atmosphera" back in 1976. The Atmosphera double CD "The Lady of Shallot" was released only 25 years later (the band broke up 1978) - in 2002 - and includes 3 pieces (on the 2nd CD) from the beginning of the 80's created by Me El-Ma alone. Me was one of the people pushing forward to bring the unfinished Atmosphera CD to realization, and also donated one of his graphic art works for the cover of that album.
Since early age he was experimenting with synthesizers and tapes besides his phenomenal drum playing, which he started around the age of 12. This strong attraction to drums came to him after he had enough of playing violin for 6 years, which he started at age 6.
Because he was showing a great talent for playing drums he was sent to one of the best drum teachers in Israel of that time named Aharon (Arale) Kaminsky who was playing with 'Manhattan Transfer' and many other artists in Israel and worldwide.
A manager of a conservatory in the south of Israel heard Me playing the drums and recommended him to be send to the United States to study drums with Billy Cobham - an idea his parents supported, but Me didn`t want to go to the States alone since he was only about 15 years old.
Later on, after 'Atmosphera' stopped playing together, he joined another israeli rock band called "Zingale" which was reuniting. Zingale, the first progressive band in Israel, even he was 10 years younger than all the other members of this band
he integrated perfectly.
With Zingale he performed on stage and also recorded a few songs with them.
By the end of the 70's he had become a young professional drummer active on stage and in recording studios, and started playing with some of the big names in the israeli music scene like Ariel Zilber, Miki Gavrielov, Korin Alal, Zvika Pic, Shimi Tavory, Erez Nets, and was part of some productions with Nancy Brandes, Avi Belleli, and more.
In the beginning of the 80's, parallel to these activities, he worked on building a home recording studio which was a quite rare and expensive thing to do in Israel at that time. In this studio he worked as a music producer for different artists. For Johnny Stern, founder and long term member of 'Zingale', he produced 5 albums. He worked with members of the band 'The Tractor Revenge', Avi Ahabelleli and Grin, with members of the ex-'Atmosphera', with Offer Singer, Uri Dushish, and others.
Additionally, during all this years he continued to compose and produce his own music, playing multi instruments, recording to a multi track machine up to full compositions. He experimented with many different kinds of music styles, from quiet ambient synthesizers to dissonant experimental modern acoustic art-like pieces, tape-Looped pieces Metal and jazz avant-gard, and more.
Me had decided already in young age, as a matter of principle, not to publish any of his own music and kept doing so for many years. This decision was an important step for his development as a musician, which allowed him to keep his spirit always open and free to new ways of hearing and listening and thus playing and creating music which is so different from anything ever heard before.
He is convinced that, in order for an artist to be free in his abilities to fully express himself, it is necessary not to fall into the "traps" of the commercial music business that absorbs the creative potentials of countless talented musicians and helps to turn many artists into people squinting only to satisfy any audience for enough money and subjecting them to the demands of record companies that can even take control over the art itself an artist is "expected" to "deliver" in order to ensure the sales of albums.
So Me remained free from those binding influences and continues to enjoy himself doing what he loves most: to experiment with music, and, besides that, to create graphic collages.
In 1988 he moved to Germany where he was involved in the local music scene, productions, playing concerts, and guide young bands.
In the year 2000 he released a privately pressed ambient music album called "I'm Singing in the Brain", with music build as 'rpeated and add' synthesizer loops' that performed in real time.
In 2002 he returned to Israel and continues to play and produce art.
Recently his latest album 'Days Kiss' was published.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 56, released January 15, 2016



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