Erg is a dark ambient music project from Spain created in 2003.
The creation of dark ambient music by computer is the fundament of this musical project created in 2003.
"La tierra vacía" with a minimalist style with influences of world music, is the first demo released , and manages to win the "Second Award of Music at the University of Vigo in solo mode".
After "Sahel" , an experimental and electronic cut , the style of Erg is funneled into sounds of classical music and soundtracks with the demo "Nihil" , released in 2006 .
"Aegyptiaca" which sees the light in 2008 is the most ambitious demo so far . This year also sees the internet launch of Erg , and the release of "Sigui" EP.
In 2009 , Erg collaborates with Eldar on his new album "Sapere Aude" with the track "Horus" . This album is a selection of songs from the most emblematic spanish projects masterfully redone by Eldar . Erg also completed several works of soundtracks for short films, and occurs his signing for Protea Records. In 2007 Erg creating another musical project named N-URSS, about electronic and industrial music with which he has published two works so far: " Victory "in 2007 and in 2010, " Soyuz ".
In 2011 Erg released a new album "Qart Hadast".


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