Mortum Exabyss - solarvoid

from by midnightradio compilation


...Thence Come The Man Falling In The Abyss...
mortumExabyss is a Hungarian Dark Ambient project since 1997
The entire musical concept of the project based on high fidelity
and top quality field recordings. All these elements are processed
through analog and digital gears to gain the final form of the sound
In additional there are many soundscapes and effect layers generated
by mainly digital synthesis to be added to the previously processed field recordings. Furthermore harsh fractures and noise textures are also welcome to create the final sound-carpets
This release Solarvoid now is trying to describe the relation between
the human soul in search for the Unity and the Universe as a whole existence within the Heart of the Human Kind
...Life Allotted To The Sons Of Men Their Fates Set The Survival Of Destruction...
released 01 March 2014
Exabyss Records
Field Recordings [ mortum ]
Analog Drone and Sound Generating [ mortum ]
Digital Sound-carpets and Sound Effects [ mortum ]
Sampling [ mortum ]
Recorded and Mixed [ mortum ]
Mastered [ Nathan Rein ]


from Midnight Radio Compilation 36., released March 13, 2015



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