Mauro Gentile & Wolfgang Gsell - Shadows & Tears Of Light

from by midnightradio compilation



Ho iniziato a suonare la chitarra nei primi anni '70, ho fatto parte di alcuni gruppi "underground" di Milano, dopo alcuni anni di stop verso la fine dei '90 ho ripreso a comporre e registrare miei brani però totalmente da solo; ho avuto varie influenze e gusti musicali nel corso degli anni, tra i chitarristi nell'ordine Hendrix, Santana, Page, Jeff Beck, Metheny ecc. ecc.
I started playing guitar in the early '70s, I was part of some 'underground' bands in Milan, after several years of stop in the late 90's I began to compose and record my songs, however, totally alone, I have had several influences and musical tastes over the years, including the main world's guitar players as Hendrix, Santana, Page, Jeff Beck, Metheny, etc..

Wolfgang Gsell, 1956 geboren, lebt als Grafik- und Webdesigner,
Fotograf, Komponist und Autor in Stuttgart.
Mit 15 Jahren hat er begonnen Gitarre zu spielen. Ende der
80er Jahre wechselte er zu den Tasteninstrumenten und produziert
inzwischen seine Musik ausschließlich mit Software Synthesizern.
Er hat mittlerweile über 40 Download-Alben publiziert, darunter
auch Werke mit anderen Künstlern wie Jamuroo, Lutz Thuns,
Fritz Mayr, Cousin Silas etc.
Seine Musik bewegt sich zwischen Electronic Music, Ambient,
New Age und instrumentaler Entspannungsmusik.
Wolfgang Gsell, born 1956, lives in Stuttgart as Graphic- and Web-
Designer, Photographer, Composer and Writer.
With 15 years he began to play guitar. In the late 80s he changed
into playing keyboards and actually he produces his music with
Software Synthesizer.
He has published now more than 20 Download-Albums, solo and
also some collaborations with artists like Jamuroo, Lutz Thuns,
Fritz Mayr, Cousin Silas etc.
His music moves between genres like Electronic Music, Ambient,
New Age and Instrumental Music.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 67, released July 1, 2016



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