Have you ever heard something that sounds perplexing yet somehow familiar, where some kind of alien logic glues everything together?
You’ll find that’s what happens when you listen to Michael Schumacher’s diNMachine project.
Though it has classical structures and elements, it’s much more akin to the ‘no wave’ and ‘noise rock’ music that captivated downtown New York a while back. There are also elements of dance music/funk, kosmische (aka krautrock), early techno, industrial music and jazz-fusion in the mix. With such a huge palate, you wouldn’t think that it would all work in one place but somehow, as if by magic, it does.
The eight songs are an hour-long strange journey that sounds like the best, most adventurous alternative radio station you’ve ever heard (without the commercials). You’ll hear elements of Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Talking Heads and Aphex Twin somewhere in there but this complex music isn’t imitative - it’s something new and of its own. Truly sui generis, waiting for all bold, brave listeners to experience it.
Challenging? Yes. Ambitious? Yes. Rewarding? Yes also.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 39., released April 24, 2015



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