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Dean De Benedictis - taken from Wikipedia:
Dean De Benedictis is an American composer, musician, performer, and producer of experimental and alternative music. He is a trained musician and has released albums as a solo artist as well as played with various groups such as Brand X[1] and The Stratos Ensemble.
De Benedictis has recorded under his own name and under the alias Surface 10, a project in which he gained attention in ambient and experimental electronic music circles. His discography crosses over several genres, but he is primarily known for merging these genres into techno, tribal and ambient music. De Benedictis is the founder of both Fateless Records, and the Fateless Flows Collective, a Los Angeles group of electronic composers. He has released three albums with the Fateless Flows Collective through the Fateless Music label.
De Benedictis is the co-founder and producer of Cyberstock, an outdoor music concert and visual arts display held in the Santa Monica Mountains. In its long history, the event has showcased such artists as Nels Cline, Thomas Ronkin, and Richard Derrick.[2]

Surface 10 - taken from Jango:
Surface 10, aka Dean De Benedictis, is an experienced American recording artist/producer/musician, who specializes in forms of experimental alternative music that foster a cinematic quality. He is most noted for his alternative electronic music under alias Surface 10, but has completed and released an equivalent number of CDs under his real name and other aliases.
Aside from establishing a firm discography, Dean is also a trained musician who has played keyboards off-and-on for such groups as Brand X and his own band The Strato Ensemble. He continues
this side-line activity with various groups, and as a musician for hire in Los angeles.

Brief History:
De Benedictis' official music career began in the early 90s - well after his initial training, making source music for TV shows such as Matlock, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder and Perry Mason Returns. Later, Dean landed his first record contract and released his debut CD in 1996 through Cleopatra Records, using alias Surface 10. Since that time, Dean has appeared internationally on record labels such as DiN and Spotted Peccary, releasing music on numerous compilations and on several full-length CDs including "In Vitro Tide", "Surface Tensions" and "Salvaging The Past."

Of the many hobbies he has dabbled in, Dean even has some minor experience as a professional graphic artist, photographer, actor and film editor, occasionally producing music videos and CD covers for others as well as for himself. Some of these videos can be found scattered around the web.
Dean's most involving performance projects to date are two travel projects that he began in 2010, which combine his outdoor experiences with electronic music production and composition. Dean calls these projects, Travels Rendered & The Summit Music Project, and they can be read about online at:
Taken from the Stratos Ensemble website:
The Stratos Ensemble is a band and music project lead by Dean De Benedictis (aka electronic musician Surface 10, and originally a fusion keyboardist) that has been expanding the margins between electronic soundscapes and jazz sensibilities officially since 2004. Using only experienced and knowledgable players, the ensemble's format is completely improvisational, but it utilizes musicianship and a variety of methods that yield the affect of being arranged fusion with a cinematic quality. This has set them wildly apart from the rest of the free-jazz world. Championing forgotten pioneers of the 70s, such as those involved in the early ECM Records movement, as well as the deeper side of early progressive rock, The Stratos Ensemble approaches their work from an ambient and progressive music base rather than the traditional, chromatic "free jazz" school of thought. They have regularly defied conventional pressures by purist music movements to head in more acoustic and even more avant directions for improvisation.
Aside from keyboardist and founder Dean De Benedictis, The Stratos Ensemble is essentially a band of circulating members, evolving over time as players leave and are replaced, sometimes even by ones who left previously. It gears towards a concrete list of personel, but rides the tide according to whatever obstacles come up for it's members.
Main Website For Surface 10 and Dean De Benedictis:
Website for The Stratos Ensemble:


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