Audraulic - Psychogenics Program

from by midnightradio compilation



My name is Jez Mond. I was born in the UK, but live and work in Dubai as a Physics teacher. I have been making music since I was a kid having played guitar since I was 13 (I am 40 now) in many heavy rock bands. I began making electronic music a few years ago. But got more serious about it two years ago, focussing more on how to master music to improve my sound. I have appeared on a few different compilation albums and have 4 releases of my own. These are Planned Obsolescence EP (self-released) Synthetic Cognition EP (on Etched Traumas netlabel) and a split EP with Darkstar 83 (self-released) and a full length album entitled Cathexis (self-released). I am currently working on my second full length album that will be released soon entitled Lumnial Fluids. The track I am sending is called Psychogenics Program and is a track of off Cathexis.
All my tracks are made using both digital and analogue synths. I like to focus on and all encapsulating sound with an active mix. I also use my own field recordings, some of which will have been manipulated, to add depth.
My influences range from Tangerine Dream through to Carl Craig. I love soundtracks, like Solaris by Cliff Martinez and electro such as Juan Atkins and Elecktroids. This is why my tracks have no fixed style and range from ambient through to electro tracks, reflecting my tastes.
You can find me on soundcloud at:
All my music is free to download from my bandcamp page:


from Midnight Radio Compilation 40., released May 8, 2015



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