I Transform - Prometheus

from by midnightradio compilation



"If you wish to manifest certain things in your life, if you go around in search of these certain things, if you make affirmations in order to manifest these things... you have to make sure first that these things are wished by you and not by your mind / ego. When you realize that your true self "wishes" in this way nothing, because you are already complete, you have everything you need ever... your mind stops talking. You hear silence, then you hear the sounds of your empty room, you hear everything instantly. You slip into interstitial space between past and future, into NOW, where you truly belong, and you realize all the misconceptions of a NOW you could have before this moment happened in your life. You feel freedom from the mind. Deeper than anything. Perpetual bliss. The perpetuity of daily mundanity drags you back eventually, but you go back into this interstitial space on a daily basis upon possibility. You have no more needs, since you are a giving being by design. Not needy. You stop talking, you start listening. You give and you receive eventually, but this receiving no longer matters for you. You are free... And so it is" (I Transform)


from Midnight Radio Compilation 59, released March 11, 2016



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