harold nono - phantom limb

from by midnightradio compilation



Jikan Ga Nai - "Plenty Time" (BS022) :

Nono and Cosentino challenge the listener to pay attention. Those who do will be richly rewarded.
[It’s Psychedelic Baby]

an inscrutable and fascinating record. [A Closer Listen]

elements of Broadcast, Stereolab and Plaid usher in like spectrals to airbrush the canvas, amid the chamber-tronics the knowing influence of Stockhausen permeates the undercurrent. [The Sunday Experience]

We’ve come to expect bizarre yet quality instrumentals from Bearsuit and this EP is no exception.
[Leonard’s Lair]

Jikan Ga Nai have contrived a rare work here with this EP. [Soundscape Memoirs]

you really have to give this duo a little of your time for the music to unravel its mesmerising and haunting beauty. [DisAgreement]

Song titles such as, “When We Lie Down We Take the Penguin Home”, match the lulling melodies and reveal the mythical mindset of the makers. The talented two-man team tells superior stories to be continued… [The Shiney Planet Project]


"Harold Nono/Hidekazu Wakabayashi " (BS009) :

“Harold Nono/Hidekazu Wakabayashi belongs in any person’s collection that enjoys eclectic electronic/acoustic music in the vein of Brian Eno or Aphex Twin. Nono and Wakabayashi make an excellent duo”. [Musik Reviews]

“a truly beautiful instrumental album” [whisperinandhollerin]

“Faultless” [the Sunday Experience]

"The two musicians play keyboards, guitar, melodica, beat machines and much more, making every single cut an experience of joyous discovery" [DisAgreement]

"‘Family’ features aching guitar lines, plangent piano keys and sublime harmonies. ‘Let’s Go Find Mushrooms’ is one of the more dreamlike offerings that is reminiscent of both Cornelius and The Beach Boys" [Leonards’ Lair]

“its an absolutely fine quality that runs through these songs. Eleven excellent songs, moody, melancholic and sometimes cheerful, an excellent springtime sunday afternoon release” [Vital Weekly]

“The record keeps the balance for the most part with an outrageously timeless charm and introspectiveness” [Audiotier]


harold nono - "to the river lounge" (BS003) :

"there is an eerily intriguing quality to this album. ...A Marie Celeste-like air of mystery hangs over To The River Lounge, and that's all to the good." (The WIRE)

"extremely beautiful and glistening slices of minimalism" (BGN - WHITE_LINE)

"it delivers in truckloads. A great piece of ambient work. He deserves to have this album truly break into popularity and establish him as a leading artist in his field. " (Bandidge)

"I like this album alot.. it's brilliant.. and you need to own it!" (Something Instrumental)

"'Tacky Tigers' ...a disarmingly pretty, twinkling tune suggesting a particularly warped but wonderful update of Disney's 'Fantasia'..." (Leonard's Lair)

"light touches of an electronic kind leave hairs on end and ears gently strained... this is a laid back album, with a menacing undercurrent..." (subba-cultcha)

"To The River Lounge is truly a great album" (We Heart Music)

"To The River Lounge' permette di entrare in contatto con la ricerca di un artista brillante, un musicista autore di composizioni..." (Rocklab)


from Midnight Radio Compilation 21., released July 4, 2014



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