SONA NYL - Oscurare Spirito

from by midnightradio compilation



Dark Ambient / Experimental / Industrial / Drone / Ritual / Soundscapes / Occult / Noise - SONA NYL is a french project born in 2012. After being guitarist for few noisy bands in late 90's & DJ for few goth parties in early 2000, I strongly felt that this way ov expression wasn't for me. After long years ov artistic death, I decided to create my own monolitic project. Motivated by internal emptiness feelings & misunderstanding ov the world. If the world doesn't fit with my beliefs so I have to create my own. You won't find here a list ov the gear I use. I consider music as magic. Magic is a secret art & so the music has to be. But it's only my opinion. Artwork... to me, the visuals are almost important. And so came Orpheam paintings. They really fascinate me as they represent other worlds or abstract visions only knew by their creator. They perfectly fit with my music & those two forms ov media represents a perfect unity as we are both in real life. So, the will ov SONA NYL is to share my world with you the listener. Make yourself at ease, forget the world we're forced to live in & explore mine...


from Midnight Radio Compilation 50, released October 9, 2015



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