Ambient Indigo - Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy

from by midnightradio compilation



Ambient Indigo is the solo electronic music project of Steve Hart, an English computer musician based in Helsinki, Finland.
Steve’s first exposure to electronic music was the Tangerine UK tour of 1982, followed in 1983 with Klaus Schulze live at Coventry Cathedral and the first UK Electronica event in Milton Keynes which featured artists such as Ian Boddy, Mark Shreeve and Robert Schroeder.
Always quite musical, Steve played trumpet, violin, piano and oboe, as well as studying music theory. Synthesisers provided a lot of creative freedom but was an expensive hobby in those days. The development of computer DAWs took electronic music production to another level, and today Ambient Indigo’s productions are entirely in-the-box.
Steve runs an Event Management company in Finland, and his company will host the first “Ambient Music Conference”, in June 2014. The venue will be a stunning new all-wooden structure located in the atmospheric forest and lakes just outside Helsinki. The event will feature well-known local names together with talented ambient artists from both Europe and USA.
Ambient Indigo’s musical style drifts from gently rhythmic ambient to more melodic sequences. You can check out more at
For more information about the Ambient Music Conference, visit


from Midnight Radio Compilation 15., released April 11, 2014



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