Delicate Apparatus - Medication Time

from by midnightradio compilation


New York, United States based ambient project formed in 2013 by Chris Newman (Crypton Radio Club). Heavily influenced by Eno, Vangelis, Schulze, and current artists Cousin Silas, Ephemeral Mists and William Orbit.
Channeling the early ambient works of Brian Eno, specifically his masterwork "Apollo and Soundtracks", Delicate Apparatus also rely on select soundtrack and classical composition for inspiration, with an occasional detour to Peter Gabriel' "Real World" Label, a brief visit to early Pink Floyd soundscapes, and citing current ambient/electronic composers such as Ulrich Schnauss, M83, William Orbit and Cousin Silas, as a direct and endless source of enlightenment.
Although my professional music background is primarily in the metal genre, (most notably bassist for doom-metallers The Blood Farmers), my adoration for electronic/ambient music always coincided, and predominated the extensive catalogue of music I've been privileged to enjoy over the last four decades. If asked who a few of my favorite bands were in the 70s (Kiss, Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Bowie), 80s (PhD, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Bowie), 90s (The Divine Comedy, Manic Street Preachers, Bowie) 2000s (William Orbit, Metric, Bowie)....notice a link here??
Where's there's Bowie, there's Eno, and I firmly believe the two have created possibly the most important music the human race has had to offer thus far, as collaborators or as respective artists. There collective contribution is mind boggling.
Eno in particular, is the one artist I've always returned to, and although I purchased a Mini-Moog simultaneously when I made my first bass guitar purchase when I was 17, I never pursued a career as a keyboardist, finding it boring, and with Eno around what was the point?. Besides, playing bass at unheard of volume's, making mindless metal music and jumping around like an idiot seemed to be so much more fun. I highly respect giants like Emerson and Wakeman, , but when I think keyboards, I think Eno, Vangelis, Schulze, and Kraftwerk, among others. Creating electronic/ambient music was something I always aspired to, and for years dabbled with it in secret, knowing I never would, or ever will be in league with these men of genius, and never saw the point in even bothering.
After a decade of inactivity, a newly found crystal clear focus, and the inevitable maturing process, I knew a return to being creative was going to be in the electronic genre. I developed the moniker that is Crypton Radio Club, and was overjoyed to find the idea's surfacing so fast, keeping up with myself was a challenge in itself. The music was mostly third rate electronica, some of it passable, most of it dumpster worthy. But as I was becoming familiar with the electronic/keyboard recording process, lady ambient was quietly and patiently waiting for her mystery man to arrive. (That was pretty sweet huh?).
Each of the CRC collections contained the obligatory ambient track, and I was eventually aware these were the standout tracks. Essentially, Delicate Apparatus arrived as an outlet for the ambient tracks, but quickly rendered anything else I was creating laughable. Still with the 20+ tracks available on the s/t and "First We Take Utopia" collections, comes an equal amount or more that are un-listenable. So while I'm graciously blessed to be in a creative comfort zone, mastering the art that is electronic/ambient music is a privilege and challenge I pray will never end.
I wish to thank Professor Steve Midboe, Mat Handley, Frank Francia, Timo Bauer, Charles William Lane, Karen Verweij Richmond, Pastor Matt Charde, Guido Van Der Meulen, and Ray Russell, for their paramount support, opportunity and critique.
Chris Newman
Delmar NY 11/2013


from Midnight Radio Compilation 19., released June 6, 2014



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