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My name is Arnold, I’m a broke young fan of Alien Pop Band. I write this to you, because I know you are the crowd that understands me… Since Alien Pop Band had landed on my news feed, everything in my life has changed. The updates of Alien Pop Band either being it a picture, an announcement for an exhibition inside an elevator or telephone booth, or a new video; it all excites me in an almost unhealthy way. Who is Alien Pop Band? Who is this Quint with the umbrella legs? It is clear that Alien Pop Band isn't here to identify itself, but it’s obvious that one of his missions on earth is to get losers like myself (and people who actually own a dime) to get hooked on the wonderful art that is Alien Pop Band; so much so that we all mass go and buy his obviously amazing album titled ‘Fuck You’. Seriously, the ‘Fuck You’ album by Alien Pop Band is one that should be in everyone's music collection! No jokes! (click to buy yourself a copy! The little information on the webpage from where you can obtain this album says that its 100% New Zeeland Music, which probably refers to the planet ‘New Zealand’ and not ‘New Zealand’ here on earth... Or perhaps it is... as it just might be the best place for an Alien Pop Band to be temporarily stationed. But if all New Zealand music would sound like Alien Pop Band, New Zealand would be an awesome and (not unimportant!) sexy place! The people here have been throwing once and a while some video clips of Alien Pop Band on this bog of a blog (like the ‘pink pussy’ video), and this post is indeed just another good excuse to feature some more of the videos found on Alien Pop Band’s official youtube page. Why is that? First of all these videos are simply very hot, and fairly unknown! Plus I don’t want to be alone in being a fan of Alien Pop Band... I want you to be a part of the Alien Pop Band mania. Together we stand strong. It is simply for the best… I did not even mention that its great music, visually engaging, thematically strong and addictive… Don’t you want to be the first one (or at least the 11th viewer) of this genius, before Alien Pop Band gets picked up by popular blog and goes virtually viral? (^ Oh yes, 12 and counting!). .. The sound and visuals of Alien Pop Band are addictive, eh? can’t get enough, eh? click some more, eh? Tonetta777 is a superstar compared to the underground sound of Alien Pop Band, but Alien Pop Band has something to offer that is indeed as sexy, but also of a much more varied alien theme. It just has this refined mix of being mysterious, hysterical, experimental and alienating. The Alien Pop Band’s music and video discoveries are simply adding up to a great appetite for more from wherever this all came from. Besides that, Alien Pop Band have got the moves! Really, glorious readers of Yeah I know It Sucks, please support Alien Pop Band by getting the ‘Fuck You’ album in your collection or simply spread the videos among people with money who can afford them... Because simply; we need Alien Pop Band in our lives.. We need more video’s, more music, more sexy legs, more pink skulls, more this and more of that! We live in a consumer's world and right now we need to consume the arts and crafts of Alien Pop Band... Buy ‘Fuck You’ so the alien genius can buy a refreshing drink in order to keep on kicking society in all sexiness. Thank you from the depths of my empty pockets... get ‘Fuck You’ from this sexy link:

With kind regards and deep respect,
Arnold the Alien Pop Band fan

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from Midnight Radio Compilation 44, released July 3, 2015



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