UNSAMPLE is a laptop duo from Athens.
Under the warm, sunny sky of the birthplace of western culture, an ocean of information lurks in the shadows. Sounds, voices, signals and a multiplicity of aural data emerge from the depths of cyberspace...and beyond. Two musicians plunged into the abysses and brought back samples. Each sample had its own story to tell. Each story wanted to be heard. CyberKlang is the result of a will to tell as many stories as possible, as if in a dream of a city coming out of cyberpunk literature, where the experience of past and future merge into an intense, multi-faceted experience of the present.
-How meaning is produced and perceived in a world were the speed of informations challenges the speed of our senses?
-Is it possible for music to mirror the surface-level complexity of a global, multicultural, ''neo-baroque'' world without stylizing it?
-Can the poetic and narrative properties of aural signals be equally combined and perceived? These are some of the basic issues that launched the project in a form of a laptop duo. CyberKlang is forged from all kind of sounds found inside computer hard drives and all around the world wide web. The sounds are processed and arranged in semi-improvisational narratives inspired by film, TV and internet montage narratives.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 4., released November 6, 2013



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