Animal Holograms - Halló Dökk Mín - ALBUM VERSION

from by midnightradio compilation



Halló Dökk Mín - ALBUM VERSION - featured on the full length album í sólina out May 2014
Recorded at Pilsen Audio Lounge in Chicago
Drums recorded at Spectra Mobile
Mixed by Jason Williams
Original Album Artwork by Mary Herrera (
Music written and performed by Jason Williams
Drums performed by Sam Barsi
Animal Holograms are:
Jason Williams - Vocals, guitar, synths
Jesse Askren - Bass
Sam Barsi - Drums
Animal Holograms are a Chicago based dream pop band with post-industrial and shoegaze influences.
"Somewhere between the vocal stylings of Marc Bolan and Elliott Smith, Jason Williams’ voice is a hypnotic and understated element of Animal Holograms, a Chicago-based trio with a dreamily loose sound that blends shoegaze and dream-pop. What started as a solo project of Williams’ evolved into a trio consisting of Nick Biscardi and Jesse Askren. Now, Animal Holograms have their debut full-length - í sólina – slated for a May release. Judging by already-released tracks like ”lengi nætur”, listeners could be in for something special.
Starting with a progression that resembles both spacious post-rock and spaghetti-western nonchalance, ”lengi nætur” immediately shows Animal Holograms’ knack for atmosphere. Williams’ ghostly croon creeps in over the passive percussion and murmuring guitars, while an organ emerges as a bridge to a successfully clanky hook that is capped off by an elongated guitar solo. Much of the lyrics throughout the track are obscured somewhat by the gently involved production, which surely takes a cue from shoegaze. The actual instrumentation is more in the vein of post-punk and alternative, with a touch of glam-rock’s moodier bits. ”lengi nætur” is a great entry for listeners, as are tracks like ”halló dökk mín”."
-Mike Mineo (Obscure Sound)


from Midnight Radio Compilation 21., released July 4, 2014



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