Madoka is a Japanese composer.
2012.12.30 First album "Nature and Culture" was released. (Mayoware record and Hand craft record)
2012.4.6 Free-download Ep "COLORS OF SEASONS" was released. (Mayoware record)
2013.8.6 '夏の図書館' was featured in SoundClouders Of The Day(SCOTD)
2013.8.9 Second album "I met you in the forest" was released. (Self release)
2013.11.24 Free-download Ep "Door" was released. (Mayoware record)
Madoka also make music with ambient comporser Quoi as Kakurenbo
2013.7.10 First free-download Ep "Yukiai no sora" was released. (Mayoware record)
2013.11.15 First free-download album "Matsuyoi no tsuki" was released. (Self release)
Some Kakurenbo's music is on sale as Healing music on Yve Bowen's official site Quoi
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/quoiquoi
twitter: twitter.com/quoi_iouq


from Midnight Radio Compilation 12., released February 28, 2014



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