The Gateless Gate is the ambient, psychedelic and experimental project of Allister Thompson, a Canadian former singer-songwriter. After playing in rock bands for many years and touring North America and Europe as a guitarist and bassist, he released a number of online albums of psych folk and progressive rock songs before turning to his interests in (mostly) instrumental music inspired by genres like ambient music, progressive rock and Krautrock, as well as world music. He has released four recordings under the The Gateless Gate name since 2012, "Xinjiang", "Heikan No Setsu", "Remnants" and “Germania”. In 2014 The Gateless Gate will become a duo with the release of a full-length album in collaboration with a pianist.
album info:
Heikan no Setsu is the second recording by The Gateless Gate. The album was made entirely with vocal sounds. The recording was inspired by The Gateless Gate's practice of Zen Buddhism and was influenced by such artists as David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir, Dead Can Dance, Stephan Micus and Popol Vuh.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 11., released February 14, 2014



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