Bing Satellites - Four Candles

from by midnightradio compilation


Bing Satellites is known in real life as Brin. That's me! I make lots and lots of mostly ambient music under the name Bing Satellites, most of which is available as free/name-your-price downloads. I also make more ambient music as The Ambient Visitor, The Lovely Moon and harder electronic music as Blocker. I am currently working on various projects with Daniel Land - contributing to his next album, playing keyboards in his new band and making strange ambient sounds onbaritone guitar in the live version of riverrun.
I have been experimenting with music for as long as I can remember. I become a fan of Brian Eno as a teenager and that had a profound effect on me. I had been in bands in my teens and early 20s but was never particularly happy. In the early 2000s, computers had evolved enough to make it possible for one person to make music relatively easily. With some software and the loan of a sequencer and synth from my brother, Bing Satellites began.
The name came from the start of a song of mine (entitled 'Bing Satellites') which started with bleepy noises which sounded to me like satellite signals. Not a ping, it was softer, more like a bing.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 2., released October 7, 2013



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