Opfer Der Hingabe - felicity

from by midnightradio compilation



Music composed and rearranged by silentport / roman ruetten 2013
Lyrics and Vocals by Dieter Mauson
recorded @ Weisser Herbst Studio FFM 2013
OPFER DER HINGABE is a cooperation between Roman Rütten from Frankfurtam Main and Dieter Mauson from Hamburg.
In 1990 they released their first and only cassette-album called FELICITY (4 of the 6 tracks are uploaded here). On that release Roman was responsible for all synths, piano, programming and mixing, while Dieter played bass and guitar, wrote the lyrics and was the singer. In 2012 they got in contact again and started to work on their second album. In April 2012 they recorded 6 songs. Roman created and produced the music while Dieter again wrote the lyrics and did the vocals.
Roman who was running his own label - called WEISSER HERBST - for years is well known as a former member of CRUX ANSATA, SCHAUM DER TAGE, ENDRAUM and others meanwhile started his solo-project SILENTPORT - @soundcloud.com/silentport-silentport.
Dieter is also a member of NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE @soundcloud.com/nostalgie-eternelle
and DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING PEPTIDE @soundcloud.com/dsip2013
and also started his solo-project OCCUPIED HEAD @soundcloud.com/occupied-head in 2011.
Meanwhile the next studio-session (in Frankfurt / Main) has taken place in the beginning of July 2013.
9 tracks have been recorded now and the album release is planned.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 5., released November 22, 2013



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