MISTER X5 - Fairy Angels

from by midnightradio compilation



It is little as Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde but in music.
Mateo Relief is highly-rated joyful and rhythmical and MISTER X5, rather highly-rated darker and more melancholic. Fallen very young in the music, Matthieu listens to of the Jean Michel Jarre, Krafwerk, Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze and so many others thanks to a music-loving dad. He discovers the world of synthesizers in self-taught and falls in love with it. It's in 2003 when he(it) created the character of MISTER X5, style: "Dark Ambient Experimental".
He takes out under the name MISTER X5, two albums of which one with the cyberpunk artist Kenji Siratori on a German netlabel. Also influenced by the " Techno of Detroit " and the label: WARP, Matthieu begins to compose little more nervous pieces. He takes pleasure and occurs under the name of "Mateo Relief". These pieces are appreciated by a DJ of Bordeaux: Laurent Loustau aka Aura1 and spreads(broadcasts) these musics in the broadcast(emission,issue) " Electronic Session " on RIG FM who is a radio in Bordeaux & broadcasted also on the Internet, every on Thursday from 9h00 PM.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 4., released November 6, 2013



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