-Sound-artist and writer from Tirana, Albania. His soundworks are based on real-life psychological perceptions combining electronic sounds with synthesized field-recordings and have been presented/performed in art galleries in Tirana and other artistic spaces - installations, solo sound-art performances (including the National History Museum of Albania), and a short film commissioned by the Albanian Academy of Arts, premiered at The Black Box Theater at the Academy of Arts on February 2014. Ilir makes extensive use of audio-programming and reverse-engineering to design custom software modules for a more personal approach to sound synthesis, signal processing and composition. Published works:
“Looking At My Hands” (May 2014, Manyfeetunder label, Italy)
“RES” collaborative album with the poet Jonida Prifti (June 1st 2014, Ozky E-sound Netlabel, Italy) “Ajóre” (16 June 2014, Batenim Netlabel, Italy).
Featured works:
“Omnimous: Always Not There” (compilation) (15 April 2014, Irregular Crates Label), sample-based collaborative release between several European sound-artists and a producer from Irregular Crates Label


from Midnight Radio Compilation 27., released September 26, 2014



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