Thought Experiment - Eternitys Ocean

from by midnightradio compilation



I am Thought Experiment. My real name is Mike Hobson, and I live in Sheffield, in the North of England. I'm a self-taught musician, started out by learning guitar in my early teens, and playing in a couple of local no-name bands. I also started writing songs at this point. When the bands fizzled out, I got myself a second-hand reel-to-reel tape recorder and a very tiny, very cheap Casio keyboard and discovered the joy of sound-on-sound recording...
Later, the hardware was mercilessly sold off in exchange for my first PC-based studio, which in turn led to where I am now. A modestly-powered PC, Reaper as my DAW of choice, and more virtual instruments and effects than I really need...I still love the guitar (I currently have about nine of 'em, including a bass) and it sometimes ends up in my tracks, although it's not always recognisable as such...
I love all kinds of music, and my own creations range from experimental electronica to space rock/psychedelia to Detroit techno to chilled Ambient...
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from Midnight Radio Compilation 37., released March 27, 2015



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