Schroedinger's Cat - eruption

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Schroedinger's Cat is a german Space- and KozmikrockBand, est. 1989 in Rome, Italy.
Schrödinger's Cat was formed in 1989 by Busking Flatfoot Iain in Rome, Italy. In this time he met, while he was busking, a lot of people and with Marco, Massimo, Angelo and Claudia, he just had a lot of fun, and so they formed the dark psychedelic Project ‘Crying Rain’ which later was (when he was back in Germany) renamed as ‘Schroedinger’s Cat’. Iain had some troubles with the cops, so he had to leave Italy and reformed the band in 1989 in Germany. He didn’t find people, so he played all instruments by his own. In this lineup, the first 5 CDs were recorded. After a break of some years, while B.F.Iain was concentrated at his solo-career, he asked some friends to record the Armageddon Rock album; the concept of this album he wrote between 1986 and 1997; In November 1998 he was ready to record it. Without the help of Michael Seifert (the cellar room and the TASCAM tape) and Stefan Grob as Producer and his Yamaha-Tape it wouldn't be so possible as it was to record this album. So he asked Alex Weißlinde of ->'Mental Age' and ->'Slave' to play the fabolous Bass and Steffen Bähr of -> First Doom to play drums.
The violin was played by W.Neeff who usually plays Bass at the band 'White Sands'; and on two songs Rainer Neeff of the Surf/Psychedelic Band The Pancakes played guitar.
Stefan Grob of Groby's Cosmic Toilet played at the title tune the Lead-guitar; never heard again a guy playing guitar as fabulous like him.
After that recording was finished, S's Cat made also some recordings with Let Shiva Dance Singer Dragan Vulevik alias Karma Tenzyn Gywne and some others with Larry S.Dreamer and J.D.Forsythe and The Necromancer.
For the CD-Presentation at 14th of August, 1999, Stefan Krüger of 'Tuma Tuma' played Bass, W. Neeff-violin; R.Neeff-guitar, B.F.Iain-guitar,vocals and Steffen Bähr drums. Later on Werner Neeff left and Stefan Krüger also; After Reinhard Stahl appeared, Rainer Neeff was fired.
Their last gig they've made with Stahl, Bähr and The Necromancer at the Spunde in Oberderdingen at April, 1st, 2000; afterwards Steffen Bähr left and R.Stahl disappeared somewhere; NOw this time I’d heard he had an heartattack and died. The Necromancer reformed the band with Larry S. Dreamer (Drums) and John D. Forsythe, who was replaced by T.H.Crowley. Buskin' F. Iain formed 'Katzenmagie' and together with Michael Kresspach of 'The Torch' and Alex Fries of 'Fourty Acres' the band 'Sons of Mercury'.
After a very good session, SOM splitted; Katzenmagie recorded one maxi ‘Call of Madness’ which later was re-recorded by Schrödinger’s Cat. In Autumn 2000 Iain first recorded some albums live and a very good session with Stefan Kresspach, the brother of Michael a very good session-album in autumn 2001.
In March 2002 he left Kürnbach and his wife and started to reform the Band, but 50km to the south, cloz a small city called Rastatt. At the 30th of May he played a live gig in the Rockpub V8 in Andernach, Germany as a supporting act of Tower of Electric Onions.
End of June 2002, he moved to Berlin. In that year (2002) he recorded 12 new albums as Schroedinger’s Cat, but the style was more psychedelic Rock than Kozmik Rock. Also styles of Dark-wave and gothic, were found in the strange modulations of the band.
At this time, He founded a new album, called Edge of time Arts & Records; E.O.T.A.R. The first release was the album ‘year of the Hawk’ which was a sampler of all new songs and of some new Versions and outtakes of elder stuff. The last record that appeared on ‘Catmagic’ was the album ‘Symphony of a sad bell’ of Spherical Noises, which was dedicated to two old friends of Iain; one died in spring, the other in autumn 2002.
Also he recorded two albums with ‘Lucifer’s Rising’ and a solo-album called ‘Südlich von Kreuzberg’ (South of Kreuzberg). Also he made some new sessions with different people in Berlin and started to record a new album of Schroedinger’s Cat.
At last the inspiration in Berlin was so good, that he recorded at least more than twenty albums. In spring 2003 he played with some friends of Berlin as *Beyond the realms of sleep* on a festival in Belgium; the same year he returned to the south of germany, where he still lives.
In spring 2008 Iain started to play again on sessions and different places and made a solo-gig on the 40th anniversary party of an old friend in Pforzheim.
still living in the south but in Hockenheim he celecrates the pre-sessions for a new album called *celtic warrior* which is his way to remember his irish and scottish past.
Also the twentieth anniversary of Schroedinger’s Cat, in February 2009 is a party. So all old recordings got new covers this time and a lot of stuff which he had recorded in Berlin was released.
Schroedinger’s Cat are back...a bit more dizzy than before, but with some old friends on guitar and drums; for the first recordings he took Larry S.Dreamer (aka his Yamaha DD-70 Drumbank) and later on Rainer Neeff on guitar and Steffen Baehr on drums.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 24., released August 15, 2014



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