Stone Wired - End Is Not The End

from by midnightradio compilation


The Light Consuming Darkness is a primordial history of the Universe, in particular that time when Light is darkest, the ancient balance as a concept collapses and systematically loses its essence and reality. That phenomenal moment has various esoteric philosophical connotations. This split album with its ten tracks as a whole focuses on embracing the Light while accepting the Darkness. Duality turns into Singularity and all this happens by granted. The structure of the Universe is a static-like sound, the mesmerizing transmission as medium between. The sounds of all kind of darkness being faded away by lightness that resides in utter darkness.
released 22 May 2014
Exabyss Records
Limited Liability Sounds is Adam Mankowski [Poland]
Stone Wired on this release is mortum solely [Hungary]
LLS tracks were produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Mankowski
Stone Wired tracks were produced, mixed by mortum, mastered by D-mon


from Midnight Radio Compilation 36., released March 13, 2015



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