L ö W - deaf diagrams beneath the waves

from by midnightradio compilation



electronic : : cinematic : : experimental
L ö W ( pronounced Louf ) An experimental and cinematic tour du monde, merging sonically/visually,mythical, alchemical, occult and hermetic allegory, enriched by electronic elements, theological/world voice samples, intricate beat work, bound with orphic atmospheres and absorbing thought provoking dark soundscapes.
"L ö W's music is of the kind that is felt and envisioned. Like the words of a good book, his music evokes images and atmosphere. The tracks are better experienced with eyes closed so as to surrender to the urban stories that inevitably form in the listeners mind. The voices and instruments undoubtedly born of the noises of urban zoo play in counterpoint and form remarkable harmony that tells the story of humans whose voices are now fading distant echoes in the cold and sterile steel and glass labyrinths of our cities; fading voices echoing the fading humanity and hopelessness of the twenty first century’s schizoid man.
His powerfully cinematic music tells the bittersweet, hopelessness story of the insignificant modern drones who march oblivious to the drumbeats that regulates their lives, or rather, their existence. It evokes stories which ought to be fictional yet are disturbingly familiar. And if L ö W’s music could be the soundtrack of a reality (one that is dark and all too real), it could certainly be the ideal score for dark genre film".
-Princess Demeny, Director/Producer
Image Is Productions


from Midnight Radio Compilation 18., released May 23, 2014



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