Mimmo D'ippolito - CRYIN' GHOST

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a project of instrumental music - soundtracks created by the modern composer / keyboardist / arranger Mimmo D'Ippolito (18/12/1982 - Brindisi). The name of the project is given by the union of two words in the English language "Eternal" something eternal and timeless and "Keys" abbreviation of the word "Keyboards" - Keyboards (central instrument of the sound of this project). Eternalkeys is a journey through fantastic worlds, real sensations of existence, the world of mystery and the unknown. Influences range from the world of soundtracks / generic background music, electronic, classical and modern, Rock, more ... Eternalkeys has an excellent web presence, and not in the best music channels, in digital stores worldwide: the first two works (M. D'Ippolito's Eternalkeys Eternalkeys and 2 were distributed by Wondermark, individual "Other Galaxy" was released by ELECTRO ARC Records compilation in 2012 and "Forgotten objects" compilation released in the podcast "Nocturnal emission Vol 25, AMBIENTBOOK Dark Edition compilation Vol.1, SEQUENCES PODCAST N. 26, other individual have been chosen and put into rotation in several radio show world and not) blogs, magazines, online, web radio, telephony channels worldwide, with great acclaim and many followers around the world. Mimmo D'Ippolito has inziato studies Electronic Keyboards and Music at age 11, subsequently deepened and developed the study of the instrument in different contexts: Band of different genres, plays, etc., up to the studies of classical composition. Mimmo D'Ippolito since 2008 is dedicated exclusively to the research of particular sound, genres and subgenres, experimentation, original compositions, symmetrical features, and all those songs, sounds and atmospheres hidden "hard to catch" that can be found: from TV to movies etc ... Thanks to their immediacy and melody some compositions of the project have been used by several independent video makers for short films and movies in general: the song "Broken Fable" is one of the most successful examples of these, used as background music for movies Apulian of the local newspaper "La Voce di Carovigno" (as well as many other songs), also for the short film "ONCE" directed by Daniela Lucato and Simone Trotta, the short film "The Scarf" directed by Alysia Renee, the Short Film - Stopmotion of OLESNEWMEDIA Prod "Sad Toys Factory" and many others. The album of 2013 "Arcanum Secret" was released by BEPLAY MUSIC , independent Italian label, distributed in digital stores I tunes, Amazon, E Music, Nokia etc. .. The single from the album "Future City" was released in 2013 on the compilation "NetWare Cope of Heaven" of Electro Arc advertised in various magazines and radio specialist, also the various songs are in rotation in the best and most important web and terrestrial radio such as ASTREAUX WORLD Broad. LAST FRONTEIRA, musicas IMAGINADAS, GALACTIC TRAVELS, RADIATOR TIONS - Ciccio Riccio, OTRAS musicas, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, INEWAGE Radio (Artist as recommended) and many others, also featuring on many others Webzines and specialized blogs.
PLACE: Carovigno (Brindisi, Alto Salento) Puglia (Italy)
Styles: Soundtracks / Instrumental / Ambiental/ Cinematic / Electronic
Favourites Artists: Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Dead Can Dance, Tangerine Dream, Bruno Sanfilippo. Depeche Mode, Mark Snow, Nox Arcana, Classical and Modern Composers, New Age, Electronic…similar styles, for this project
Ideal for: Film Score, Tv Score, Animation, documentaries, Radio play, Relaxing, Compilations, Background music generally most of all and everything else…
Album/ Ep discography:
Eternalkeys intro (Ep 2008)
M. D’Ippolito’s Eternalkeys (Ep 2010)
Eternalkeys 2 (Full – length 2011)
Arcanum Secret (Full – length 2013)
Mimmo D’Ippolito (Brindisi – 18/12/1982 – at today 31 Yerar old): all Keyboards / Programming / Composer / Producer
Emails contacts:
Eternalkeys self Prod. / Wondermark Digital (2008 – 2012)
Electro Arc (2012 Compilation)
Robino Family- Beplay Music (2013)
MK Label (Compilations)
Petroglyph label (Compilation)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kosdipp
Myspace: www.myspace.com/eternalkeys18
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/eternalkeys
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/eternalkeys
Last Fm: www.lastfm.it/music/Eternalkeys
Youtube: www.youtube.com/mreternalkeys
Twitter: twitter.com#!/eternalkeys
Tumblr: eternalkeys.tumblr.com
Vimeo: vimeo.com/eternalkeys
Friendfeed: friendfeed.com/eternalkeys
Ourstage: www.ourstage.com/eternalkeys/epk
Vimeo: vimeo.com/eternalkeys
Linkedin: it.linkedin.com/in/mimmodippolito
Bandcamp: eternalkeys.bandcamp.com
Google plus: plus.google.com/113720652646806330916/posts
…and many others!!


from Midnight Radio Compilation 34., released January 30, 2015



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