Phrozenlight - Circling Through Empty Glasses

from by midnightradio compilation



Formed in 1995, Dutch musician Phrozenlight, aka Bert Hulshoff, creates electronic spacemusic and ambient soundscapes, often with a ‘Berlin-school’ influence. Many of his pieces are created as live improvisations on analogue equipment or computer software, with little studio editing afterward. Much of his extensive catalog of work is available for free download, with other albums available on cd-r and from music download boutiques.
Phrozenlight has had several collaborations including Dutch Space Mission with Von Haulshoven (Netherlands), and the duo have played several concerts including E-Live. His Music is as downloads available at
and on Bandcamp
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He creates imaginary travels into the dark with his electronic spacescapes.
His music has a lot of elements from the so called "Berlin School", but also neo-classical or avant garde and experimental influences.
BTW He does not like the term "Berlin School" , it is to much a cage.
He is not using any musical rules, this because he is amusical, and has no musical ears, and rhythm......well just do not ask him ;)
Equipment that he uses today:
Yamaha AN1x
Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1
Casio XW-P1
Roland SH-201
Novation KS-rack with Doepfer MAQ16/2 sequencer
and some fx
Electro Harmonix Cathedral
Alesis Nanoverb
LEM digital FX22
BOSS DD20 Giga Delay
Magix Samplitude Music Studio
and sometimes FREE VSTi and Buzztracker


from Midnight Radio Compilation 20., released June 20, 2014



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