.....more than twenty years in the evolutionary process, beginning with a Hammond-esque two-tier organ (”every voice sounded exactly the same, whether it was trumpet or organ!”), it wasn’t until 1990 that the desire to make electronic music would really come to the fore. The inspiration - Depeche Mode’s World Violation Tour. The purchase of a Yamaha Portasound 680 would be pivotal (”I actually still own a 680”) but it would be the following year when a Yamaha PSS790 was purchased that a proliferation of short tunes began to filter out. “I was using a small portable tape recorder with a built-in microphone to do my recording with. Unfortunately this meant having to be completely silent with no background noise which was pretty much out of my control. Most pieces ended up having to be recorded at least a half dozen times!”. It would be a decade later, with the discovery of Digital Audio Workstations and internet networking sites such as MySpace that rekindled the passion for making music after years of inactivity from the late 1990’s to the early 00’s. The transition into digital programming and recording would take some time to fully crystalise “I was more interested with the mere fact of being able to put things on the internet than anything else, the quality control aspect was pretty much non-existent!” Over the following years, the musical aspect of the project grew stronger and has taken many twists and turns, something which continues today. Conversion of the dining room in the family home into a studio (nicknamed the “Elektroklang Studio”) has been a priority over the last twelve months with expansions in both physical equipment such as synthesizers, sequencers and mixing equipment and the digital side of the project helping to expand the repertoire. With material being recorded and many ideas beyond this, the project intends to be around for some time.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 20., released June 20, 2014



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