(a is to b) - bela lugosis dead

from by midnightradio compilation



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(a is to b) is the meeting of Scottish noise artist Neil Morrison (The Colours Will Erase Us, Word or Object) and Polish performance artist Marta Adamowicz (MAdam, Gay and Immigrant). Originally conceived as a way to make club-filling drum and bass tracks, it become evident that a shared love of Death in June was going to steer them down a completely different alley. Driving hip hop beats allow a lot of experimentation over the top, as you would expect from two
artists who have had their art in galleries around the world, including Melbourne, Glasgow, Barcelona, Krakow and Oslo. The music deemed to be keeping some genres alive, with their track mróz being reviewed by Witch House Poland as keeping “witch house alive and well.” To pigeonhole though, is to miss the point. Their DNA is equal parts Crystal Castles' domineering sonic assault and The Haxan Cloak's crepuscular, gloomy atmospherics. At once lo-fi and viscerally immediate, they exist at in the perceptual bleed between transgressive performance art, punishing electronic noise and somnolent,
dark ambient void-space.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 6., released December 6, 2013



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