Human - Beautiful Misery

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We are a duo (Not djs) That was created in 2012 by me and my brother, we were born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1991, we grew up listening to 80s music like prince, Zapp & Roger, etc. We started listening to rock music more than others in 97, Linkin Park had caught our full attention. We then tried to make a band until my father sold our instruments. There was a point when we thought that Linkin Park was the gospel truth until I heard daft punks "One More Time" I grew hungry to find out who they were, thereafter we adopted techno and electronica. Growing up for us was tough. Being the only kids in school that listened to that type of music, but it was mainly everything at home. We come from an abusive background. Drunk dad, messed up uncles and aunts, it was a really dark childhood. There was a point where we had lost our home and lived in a canal for 2 years, people, kids started to take notice really quickly, so it was a hard year for us at school. Later we were given to our moms closest friend to watch over us. In all that time we suffered. kept us going. We tried out rapping in high school which was really funny, we didn't get so far. We were trying to be diverse with music like listening to reggae, punk rock, pretty much anything at the time. We eventually graduated and didn't know what to do after. Got crappy jobs met weird people and haven't been off this rock yet. In 2011 we had heard skrillex and it was just mind blowing, so we went out right away and tried to do dubstep. We eventually had to stop due to problems here being kinda poor and all, so we were stuck with the dream, working back breaking jobs to catch up with our debts. Then we kinda gave up. It was painful to be down in the dumps like that, we let ourselves down again. This was all in 2012, up until now we finally got back to trying to do something that our family has Said we can't do, and that's to be someone to be human. Therefore came the name human, that's what we want to be in the eyes of everyone. If you listen to linkin parks robot boy, it kinda tells you about me, so I took the name, except for my brother, he didn't choose a name yet.
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from Midnight Radio Compilation 43, released June 19, 2015



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