Stephen Briggs and Playman54 - Awaiting​.​.​.​.​he weaves space

from by midnightradio compilation



home Recording/garage musician old rock fan,keyboard/electronic player
created in50s rock,60s wildchid experience,70s spaced out freak,80s/90s passing blur,21st century galaxy eating space sponge. weird nothings weird when you listen enjoy your ears infinity and beyond.

Steve is a guitarist currently residing in New Zealand.
Recording live ambient. looping tracks most weekends if possible.…waag-rel026 a three CD album came out 22nd July 2013, maybe a little full on for some!
Also a limited run Album for the Y2K13 Loopfest in the US is currently making the rounds. I have had numerous tracks played on an internet radio station which plays 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whilst other tracks are included in Compilation albums! All tracks are live Guitar improvisations no over dubbing! Playing a Stratocaster, Schecter C-8 Blackjack or Steinberger Guitar through several stomp boxes, looping with a Boomerang lll, recording in stereo, two amps and two cabs! I record in analog in real time, stereo using 2 x SM57's, looping, delaying and reverberating to add layers of sound to produce a flowing soundscape - marvelous!


from Midnight Radio Compilation 27., released September 26, 2014



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