Pan Analogique - Annabel Lee

from by midnightradio compilation


It's 1988, I'm 13 years old and I want to make music. The cheapest instrument is an acoustic guitar, I start taking lessons with a teacher. It does not take long to discover that you can make more noise and I transition to an electric guitar, I build an amplifier using parts from a broken stereo. I immediately join a metal band, following which there are concerts and self-produced demo tapes.
One day by chance I try an old analog synthesizer, it is the turning point, I am fascinated by the construction of sound and the dynamics of electronic music, I enter this new phase and use a 4-track tape to produce several demos and split-tapes with various artists around the world. It's 1999.
Everything comes to a halt until 2013 when I decide to engage the new technologies and combine them with old analog equipment.
I discover field recording, I record in the open, edit sounds and mix them together with synthesizers and beats, creating Pan Analogique, a mix of low-fi samples, analog sounds and processed, filtered, distorted micro beats.
In 2013 I start studying to become a mix engineer, and thanks to some fortunate coincidences I very soon gain a foothold in the industry by working in a studio with big names of the Italian music industry, and participating in courses with famous producers. In the meantime, I carry on my musical project, always trying to find new channels to experiment with sound.


from Midnight Radio Compilation 30, released November 7, 2014



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