Robert Scott Thompson - A Mid​-​Evening Invocation to the Muse

from by midnightradio compilation



Composer of instrumental, ambient, and electroacoustic music - ranging in style from avant-garde classical music to popular music.
Working in the areas of high modernism, extended instrumental resources, computer assisted composition, chamber music, orchestral music, acousmatic music, software synthesis, sonic art, music for film, sonic interactivity and sound installation.
International award-winning composer with over 50 solo recordings and numerous works on compilations distributed both in physical form internationally and in digital format online (iTunes, for example).
More detailed information, contact details, licensing details, sound clips, and downloads are available at the label website for Aucourant Records (BMI) and Aucourant Media Productions (BMI).


from Midnight Radio Compilation 53, released December 4, 2015



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