Ishtar is the only member of this project.
She plays, records and produce her albums and the related artworks
entirely on her own. Ishtar is a creative and curious woman: she loves experiment and practice in a wide variety of fields, from music to poetry.
Born in Jan.1982, Ishtar's real name is Elisa. She's the happy mother of two children and a black cat. She lives and works in Milan, Italy. Elisa likes technology, photography and chocolate. And music of course.
The first musical attraction for Ishatr has been metal: as a teenager, she fell in love with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath. She also enjoyed extreme and small branches like black, symphonic, viking and death metal. Playing
keyboards in the bands Adveniat Hiems (goo.gl KWdzHS) and LustNotes (goo.gl/2rqLNg), Ishatr has been part of the italian metal scene for more than a decade. The passion for distorted sounds, originated in 2006 her first solo project: The Spectral Eye (goo.gl/HSE61a). As time passed, new ambient-flavored side projects progressively drove Ishtar toward a more classic and acoustic style, discovering a passion for delicate, minimal
sounds. She plunged deeply into the world of netlabels and she also run her own label - Ekleipsi (goo.gl oHWMOQ) for a few years. The moniker Ishtar has been created in 2012 to release acoustic concept EPs of ambient music. The first album "Ombre" was released in July 2012 (goo.gl/r55sKE).
Ishtar loves writing. She composes short stories, fictional and surreal tales in italian. She published:
La polvere (goo.gl/yZ6sCp): Fantasy short narration
Come fosse niente (goo.gl/Lg5g5A) Fantasy short narration
La corte dei miracoli (goo.gl/eml9iq) Collection of short stories
Oltre la guerra (goo.gl/sYVQQF) Poetry!
Details, portraits, urban landscapes. Ishtar loves the light, the concrete, the natural elements. She collected some sets of pictures:
Urban: goo.gl/TcgqVr / goo.gl/9ceZsO / goo.gl/nenKO8 / goo.gl/qmHxSw
Naturals: goo.gl/ZJxp2q / goo.gl/2JqIYM / goo.gl/IZ299t / goo.gl/FTXPTw


from Midnight Radio Compilation 22., released July 18, 2014



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