Scott Lawlor The Blind Flight for June 19, 2015 podcast midnightradio special

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On tonight’s program, I am going to feature tracks from the first 20 volumes of the midnight Radio compilation series, or at least play as much as I can. This is an amazing set of compilations and it’s up to volume 43 which was just released today. The series is released biweekly on the midnight radio bandcamp site at and they’re all available for free download. I’ll be playing tracks by artists like Michael Brückner, SiJ, Negative Spectrum, Cousin Silas, Red Clouds, Christopher Alvarado, Ars Sonor, Perceptual Defence, Kirill Platonkin, D.N.P, Christian Doil, Karsten Hamre, Phrozenlight and many others. please tune into at 9 PM for three hours of unique ambient music that will take you on a journey from your mind to the outer edges of the galaxy.

Thank you for listening.

The Blind Flight for June 19, 2015
All the music on these compilations can be downloaded from

Midnight Radio compilation 1 - Ars Sonor - A Transitional Moment
Midnight Radio compilation 6 - Christopher Alvarado - Eclipse Oscuro
Midnight Radio compilation 7 - Red Clouds - Fog
Midnight Radio Compilation 16 - Cousin Silas - The Day The Tides Stopped
midnight radio compilation 2 - Negative Spectrum - Aural/Visual Disturbance
Midnight Radio Compilation 16 - SiJ - Antiquities end
midnight radio compilation 13 - Perceptual Defence - Star Flight Dream
midnight radio compilation 12 - Kirill Platonkin - Black Beams In White Space
midnight radio compilation 10 - Michael Brückner - A Game of Lights
midnight radio compilation 10 - D.N.P - Nightmare in a damaged brain
midnight radio compilation 19 - Christian Doil - raumzeit
midnight radio compilation 13 - Karsten Hamre - Dioxide Universal
midnight radio compilation 20 - Phrozenlight - Circling Through Empty Glasses
midnight radio compilation 5 - Jeff Duke - Ambiants
Midnight Radio compilation 11 - Elizabeth Veldon - a vaulted roof
midnight radio compilation 2 - Bing Satellites - Four Candles


released June 22, 2015



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