MRC Mix for Midnight Radio Compilation By kreativephasen

by kreativephasen



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Midnight Radio Compilation Mix / for Midnight Radio Compilation
by kreativephasen

We wish you a pleasant evening ...
Midnight Radio Compilation Mix / for Midnight Radio Compilation
by kreativephasen (ambient, experimental, electronic)

Tracklist :

01. Afterhour by Member 01
02. Death of Laika by Kosmos Ambient
03. Low by 44
04. Vermilion Sky by Ambient Indigo
05. When Are We by Ancient Lasers
06. The Day The Tides Stopped by Cousin Silas
07. Other side by Ambient Mann
08. Gravity Gate by Eltronik
09. Mimmo D'ippolito by Eternalkeys
10. Your Sunday by Emmanuele Gattuso
11. Cryo by Eltronik
12. Crystal Rain Fields .2 by 44
13. Prospect Of Light by Experiments in Silence

have fun : )

Midnight Radio compilation various artists, your place for underground music and sounds. enjoy and spread it worldwide. come with me.

hello - my name is nobbi (glasklinge zeitenlicht) and I make a compilation various artists. the name is Midnight Radio. its a free download compilation. I would like to have you here. all styles are allowed (won't accept harsh noise submissions). old track, new track, no matter. the track you send me dont must exclusive. and track you send to me is not exclusive for Midnightradio, you do with your music What YOU want. i cant choose tracks from you, you must please choose a track/s and send because, i have no time to choose from all musicans the tracks. being part on Midnight Radio Download Compilation? can you send me one or more tracks? via transfer (Wetransfer etc) service to . I NEED YOUR artist name, track/s name, website link [infos about you?] ) + song or artist picture
thank you for attention - all the best to you, regards, nobbi, glasklinge zeitenlicht.


released April 28, 2014



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